Wandering around Veneto

With Italy being a top destination during summer for many people, I decided to start the Italian trip in the quiet and relaxed cities of Bassano del Grappa and Treviso. Passing through a small village, I hear trumpets, flutes and an army of people coming towards me. It’s Italy’s national day and I’m fortunate enough to experience it amongst the locals with the choir of youngsters singing the national anthem, accompanied by the orchestra in the village brought to life by the event.

Bassano del Grappa buildings, Italy
Italian Fanfare


Venetian Flag
Venetian Gondole, Italy
Venetian windows and blinds

Bologna and Florence

Whenever Italians asked me about my plans to travel in their country, Bologna provoked them a mild grimace. “Why do you go there? It’s not beautiful! Go to Firenze!”. Bologna was a bit chaotic, indeed. The sounds and smells of the traffic, the lack of green areas in the city center and the bit of trash that was more n0ticeable than in the other cities I’ve been to, still couldn’t beat the herds of tourists filling every street of the city. Bologna might not be my favorite Italian city, but I enjoyed it far more than neighboring Florence or the other cities in the North.

San Petronio church, Bologna, Italy
Dogs playing in Bologna
Ponte Vecchio - Florence
Florence from above, Italy

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