Arriving in Sardinia

On my way from Denmark to Romania, I called up my friends to ask about their plans for New Year’s Eve. “We’re going to Sardinia! Wanna join?”. Say no more! I booked the tickets and off we went to Sardinia. The North of the island was dead during winter. We did not see many locals, so we were amongst the few tourists to spend their holidays there. On our way to the accommodation, we encountered the Italian kindness. A 50 years old man drove us a few kilometers and saved us by delivering food to our door later during the evening, while we got stuck due to lack of buses and open restaurants on the island.


Harbor in Fertilia, Sardinia
Mansion and palm trees in Alghero, Sardinia

Porto Conte

One of the highlights of the trip was the wildlife park of Porto Conte. We were simply amazed by the imposing scenery! The high cliffs were at our feet, the crashing waves, and the animals we encountered on the road (wild boars and deer). I was lucky enough to have the perfect weather conditions and lift the drone up in the air. I could photograph the amazing landscape that was ahead of us from some angles visible only from a bird’s eye view.


Castelsardo is a lovely multi-colored medieval town located in the Gulf of Asinara. It’s positioned on top of a promontory, high above the sea, which helped the town to be preserved very well through time against attacks. On top of it lays Castello dei Doria, built in the 12th century that has been intact for more than 1000 years. The city fell in the hands of the Spaniards in 1400 and it was baptized Castellaragonese. In 1720 it was reconquered by the Italian House of Savoy and became Castelsardo.

Castelsardo, Sardinia
Fortress walls in Castelsardo

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